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PostSubject: Sitemap   Sitemap I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 10:22 am

Introduction and Registration
This section is the arrival section of the forum. Everybody who experiences problems with the registration process can also post in the "Registration Help" thread or e-mail the admin.
  • Arrivals
    This is the place for the new members to introduce themselves to the community
  • Departures
    A section for users that want to leave forum (permanently or just for a holiday).

News and Announcements
Here you will find updates, forumchanges or other interesting community news.
  • News
    Updates about the forum.
  • Events
    Here you can create user events and contests which will be linked to the calender.
  • Staff & Jobs
    This section includes a up to date list of the current staff and any open jobs.

Rules and Guidelines
This section is for information and help. All the basic rules and guides are collected here for everybody to see.
  • Basic Rules
    Here you will find the forum navigation guide, basic forum etiquette and rpg rules.
  • Help & Suggestions
    Experiencing problems with the forum or do you have Ideas how to make the forum a better place? Share them with us.

Roleplay basics
Here is your starting point for roleplays.
  • RPG Ideas
    Share your ideas and brainstorm with others.
  • Players Wanted
    Already have a rpg and looking for players? Post your wanted ads in here.

This section is for your data. Here you collect all your personal information about worlds and characters.
  • Character Corner
    Create a thread for your characters and share them with others.
  • Worlds
    Here you can post your headworlds.
  • Tipps and Tricks
    Helpful guides and tutorial for worldbuilding.
Roleplay Central
This is the basic RPG area. All rpgs are sorted in sections and subsections.

Private RPGs
Here you can open your own private rpgs which will be only visible to you and the users you pick.
  • Private RPG Applications
    If you want a completely private rpg you can apply for one here.

Adult Section
This section is for all 18+ content. You need to apply to get access to this category.
  • Roleplay
    Mostly 18+ rpgs can be found in this section sorted by topic.
  • Art
    Any kind of artistic 18+ threads are in here.
  • Talk
    IThe place for all kind of 18+ subjects and discussions.

Off Topic
This section is for any threads that are part of a special subject but don't fit in any other category
  • Open Talk
    -Chit Chat
    All kinds of chat threads are allowed here.
    A section for birthday wishes.
    -Forum Games & Funstuff
    Here you can post forum games and other things like that.
    -Yay and Nay
    Had a bad day or did something special happen today? Share it with others if you like.

The adult sections work very similar to the ones shown above. If you're unsure where to post or if you want access to these sections read the rules.
Thank you!
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