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 Basic Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Forum Rules   Basic Forum Rules I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 17, 2012 10:22 am

This forum is a place for roleplayers and worldbuilders who enjoy to talk and share their ideas with others. The whole forum is a 13+ area with some adult sections which are only accessable after a certain application process. Still, there are some basic rules everybody should could in mind.

  • Treat others the way you want to be treated!
    This means no flaming, bullying etc. It's okay to voice your own opinion about something but do so without attacking or insulting others. We have a zero tolerance policy for sexism, racism etc.
  • Reporting unfitting behavior
    Please be respectful to others. If you have a problem with a certain user contact a mod/admin about it.
  • Tagging
    In some sections you need to add [TAG]s to categorize your threads and to add trigger warnings. Please use them whenever necersarry.
  • Languages
    No chatspeak, lolspeak or other languages of that sort, also no other languages than English and German so the mods and admins can do their job. This forum tries to provide a platform for all different kind of people to talk and have fun with each other. If you really want to talk in another language use the PMs.
    Fangirl/Fanboy-lingo and Tumblr-lingo are permitted. This is a place to talk about your feels..

Threads and Posts
  • No spamming
    You have your chitchat and forum games sections for multiposting and other things like that.
  • No flaming/trolling/offensive posts
    Please be respectful to others. If you have a problem with a certain user contact a mod/admin about it.
  • No doubleposting
    Please edit your original post before posting a second time.
  • No thread spamming
    Use the search function to find already existing threads.

Subjects and Basics
  • No adult material out of the adult sections
    No gifs, images, etc in the basic forum threads no matter if porn, gore or other.
  • No illegal links
    No matter if it's piracy or other links. The whole forum could get in trouble for any public linksharing of that kind. Keep that to your private conversations.
  • No alternate/multiple accounts
    Be content with one account please. Also no pure roleplay accounts. If you really need a second account PM an admin about it.
  • No plagiarism/impersonation
    Don't claim things that you don't own or didn't create yourself as yours. Sharing pictures and more is allowed as long as proper credit is given and a link back to the original source is provided.

Adult Section
    There are several different categories in the forum which are only visible to users who have applied to see them.
    If you want access to this sections contact one of the admins (TeaTurtle/Alphares). Based on your behavior in the forum you will get access to the section or reasons why not. Tolerance, good behavior and a certain age are only some of the expected traits.

Ask the staff
    If you are unsure about something just ask one of the staff members. The list is public in the rules and guidelines section.
    We will always reply to your PMs as soon as possible.
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Basic Forum Rules
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